Some tips of choosing sunglasses for water use

At the beach, it easy to see most of the people wear sunglasses. Any kinds of sunglasses can be seen. Wearing sunglasses can be made you feel like you are on the vacation mode, also protecting your eyes. In addition, you can enjoy watching the beautiful bikini girls or handsome guy whose top naked and no one knows. So, how can you not wear sunglasses at the beach??

Beach vacation or water activities, like fishing, canoeing, surfing, sailing or other beach activities.When on the beach or on the water, the UV and glare received more than other environments, the protection of the eye is relatively important. However, what kind of sunglasses are suitable for use at the beach or on the water?

Here are some tips of choosing sunglasses which for water use:

Frame Design -

At the seaside or on the water,  windproof and waterproof is the necessary feature of sunglasses. The wind and light will come from all direction, also the splash will enter into your eyes from top, bottom and sides of sunglasses. So the protection of full-frame sunglasses design will be better choice. And if the temple and frame are thicker, the protection of eyes is relatively improved. In addition to the comfort of sunglasses,  it’s necessary to have adjustable nosepad which can make the sunglasses more suitable for your face and head shape that in the state of complete closeness.  I believe that lots of people who lose their sunglasses when engaged water activities. The big reason that their sunglasses do not fit, it’s easy to drop by moving. I think no one want to be distracted to push the sunglasses up during the activities, resulting in lack of fun. There is another solution for this situation, let the sunglasses tie to the eyeglasses band that the sunglasses will not leave your head.

Lens Design -

There is no environment to cover the sun at the vast sea basically. No only the light from the top of head, but also the more damage to the eyes from the glare that caused by the reflection and scatter light from ground, beach and water. The glare makes the sight too bright and the outline of object is blurred. And it is easy to make the eyes feel tired. On the whole, if you would like to doing some water activities or on the beach, it’s highly recommended that using polarized sunglasses which can improved the glare. The polarized lens also can make the shape, color and position of the object and scene clearer. Therefore, the long-term exposure under strong light may cause serious damage to the skin and the eyes. Remember, the lens must have function of UV400, plus waterproof and anti-scratch coating that can let you enjoy with fun and safe.



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