Ski Goggles Technology

  • Materials

  1. Polycarbonate(PC) - PC is a strong and durable material with high VLT(visual light transmittance). It will not break into pieces even under massive impact or strong force which is an important characteristic for a snow goggle lens. Skiers/snowboarders are always travels downhill with high velocities. If the lens shatters upon impact, serious injuries might happen. Hence, this makes poly-carbonate the safest and the best material for snow goggles lens.
  2. Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) - TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, a strong and durable material. It is safe to have direct contact with human body and also environmental friendly. TPU can endure extreme pressure and will not deform when being twisted or bent which makes TPU the perfect material for snow goggles.
  • Dual-Layers Lens

All our lens are constructed with 2 special layers of lens. This allows the lens to work with each others and adjust themselves based on air pressure. Dual Layered Lens mechanism boosts up our X-Anti fog performance dramatically that makes them the perfect combination for snow goggles.

  • 3X Foam

Our 3X Foam is constructed with 3 different layers of foams with different functionalities. First layer provides support and suspension that helps absorb impact so users’ faces are well protected. Second layer is soft and supportive which allows equal force distribution onto users’ faces. Third layer is constructed with breathable human skin friendly fabric so user won’t feel uncomfortable when they are in action

  • High Speed Photochromic

Our high speed photochromic lens is able to transform itself between CAT. 1 and CAT.3 within 3 seconds. No matter what weather condition you are under, you will have the most suitable vision